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Have you been penalized by Google?

If we describe easily, Google penalty tends to be a restriction or like a blockage placed upon a website to stop it from ranking high - and in worst cases, to stop it from ranking at all - on search results. A website usually hit by a Google penalty when it uses unnatural SEO methods for marketing, which violate the quality standards of Google.

As we know that Google is working to provide valuable and high-quality results based on the search queries by its users. Penalties assist this giant search engine to ensure irrelevant and spammy sites don't get a strong place on search results.

People working in digital marketing know the different algorithms of Google that are Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird. These algorithms help Google to restrict unnatural SEO practices such as irrelevant backlinks and keyword-stuffed content.

So, it is very necessary to consult with experts while developing and promoting your website for higher rankings. Brandoost is here to save you from any Google penalty that can occur due to suspicious or irrelevant activities.

How to know the need to hire Google penalty recovery services?

If your Webmaster Tool is giving a warning, then you can be certain that your website has been penalized. If you have not received an official warning, then you can identify a hit by signs of a penalty include:

  • An abrupt drop in section-wide or site-wide organic traffic.
  • A big drop in the ranking of your website on a specific or group of keywords.

If you find a penalty, you should take proper action as soon as possible. The negative and harsh impact on rankings and traffic will not resolve on its own; it can become worst. With Brandoost, we take the relevant recovery steps and notify Google, so the damage due to the penalty can be undone. We assure you to provide the best Google penalty recovery services.

Brandoost - Google Penalty Removal Service

The competition across the world is increasing regularly. Every business is coming on the web and to remain in the market every business is trying to increase its reach to the maximum number of customers through the internet. In this digital age, search engine traffic is an essential factor for every business and that is the main cause behind all fighting so hard on the search engines to get a high rank.

Getting high ranking on Google is not an easy task; a business requires to develop high-quality content and links on the website. The content should be plagiarism free and links should be from high-authority websites.

Google updates its algorithms after a particular interval of time. These algorithms work on certain rules and regulations which ensure superior-quality content websites are placed on the top. We at Brandoost, the most renowned digital marketing agency, offer result-oriented Google Penalty Recovery Services at affordable prices which can help and identify your website rankings.

If your website has duplicate or spammed content then you will be penalized. So, it is mandatory to have decent content with good information on your website to save your website from Panda hit.

Know how we help you recover from Penguin Penalty:

  • Identify the links having your website links
  • Make a list of bad links creating the issue
  • Disavow the bad links from their hosts and Google
  • Once the above is done, we submit the remaining low quality links to the Disavow Tool in Google Webmaster Tools to erase any residual links.

Any website which doesn't follow these rules and regulations gets penalized. Brandoost digital marketing solution is one of the best digital marketing companies having expertise in resolving all such types of issues. Google takes millions of actions against spam content and irrelevant links. Our expert team of digital marketers always keeps their eyes on every Google update and takes the required steps to if necessary to maintain the ranking of your website.

Know how we help you recover from Panda Penalty:

  • We optimize each page efficiently
  • Write quality content
  • Delete duplicate content
  • Implement suitable keywords

As compared to the Panda penalty, it is more difficult to recover from Penguin penalty because it involves the links having your website pages links on other sites.

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How things work

At Brandoost, our professional digital marketing team works on the mainstream standards of a definite approach. With the latest and well-versed techniques, our penalty removal services give the best outcomes to resolve ranking issues on SERP.

Use of strategies

We only implement the right things to undone the penalties. We apply the best penalty removal methods involving both automatic as well as manual penalties.

Protection for the long run

We don't stop just after the recovery of your website and get it back on track. We also ensure the protection of your web presence for the future.

In-Depth Analysis

We always do an in-depth analysis of your website to know the areas that not perform or fail to match with Google's rules and regulations and then offer the best solution to recover the lost rank.

Back in action

Brandoost penalty recovery services put efforts into result-oriented methods. We apply the best approach with our expertise and experience to regain your lost traffic and reinstate the lost position.

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It’s been a pleasure working with Brandoost. They helped us in flourishing our business in New York through customized social media and SEO services that best suited our business requirement. I would highly recommend them for all the digital marketing services. Looking forward to continuing relationship with Brandoost.


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